• Even though the conventional belief is that alcohol dependence is something that a person acquires on their own, there is a mounting theory that there may be a genetic component to alcohol addiction. Numerous professionals believe that alcohol addiction can come from a wide range of sources, including social, hereditary, and psychological…[Read more]

  • Signs and symptoms of typical co-occurring disorders

    The mental health issues that most commonly co-occur with drug dependence are clinical depression, anxiety conditions, and bipolar illness.

    Prevalent signs and symptoms of depression

    Emotions of helplessness and hopelessness

    Lack of interest in daily routines

    Inability to feel…[Read more]

  • alcoholism definition develops over time and typically starts with misuse, moves toward abuse and leading to addiction.

    • Misuse

    To minimize emotional or physical distress, someone could experiment with drugs or alcohol. One may use drugs or alcohol in a social setting, and choose to take them another time simply to have a good time. R…[Read more]

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