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  • David Eason: My House Was Robbed! I Need My Guns Back!
    by Tyler Johnson on December 13, 2019 at 2:36 pm

    Ever since Jenelle Evans fled to Nashville and filed for divorce back in October, David Eason has been living alone on The Land with his daughter Maryssa. Now, Eason is claiming that the property was recently burglarized — and it was an inside job! The former Teen Mom 2 star tells police that the break-in occurred while he was in Nashville for one of his court dates with Jenelle. Of course, this is David Eason we’re talking about, so several details of the story simply don’t add up. And you don’t have to look very far to find the disgruntled dad’s motivation for lying. Take a look: 1. Someone Needs to Be Harrested! David Eason is playing the victim again. The estranged husband of Jenelle Evans claims his home was burglarized while he was in Nashville for a recent court date. 2. Crime Magnet If you’re keeping score, this is the second time that David has reported a robbery in the six weeks since Jenelle moved out on him. 3. Riiiiiight Last month, he told police that one of his dogs was stolen off his land. The purloined pooch has yet to reappear. 4. Boat Burglars This month the roving band of burglars terrorizing rural North Carolina got even bolder, as they apparently made off with David’s tools, his “work trailer,” his hunting and fishing equipment, and his BOAT! 5. The Camo Caper We’re not sure what sort of hunting equipment he’s referring to, since David is not currently allowed to own guns, but more on that later. 6. Desperation David broke the news of the robbery via a sponsored content clickbait post. View Slideshow

  • Jordyn Woods Claps Back HARD at Khloe Kardashian: I Ignore Haters!!
    by Simon Delott on December 13, 2019 at 2:23 pm

    This week, Khloe Kardashian flipped the eff out over Jordyn Woods’ polygraph video. It got downright nasty. Now, it looks like Jordyn has found a way to clap back while giving herself total deniability. Take a look: Jordyn Woods took to Instagram to share a fairly simple message this week. She was shown eating an apple while in the car. “An apple a day keeps the haters away … or sum’ like that,” the snap is captioned. Fans immediately latched onto the idea that Jordyn was sending a very direct vaguepost at a certian someone. Just days ago, video of Jordyn Woods’ polygraph about whether or not she boned Tristan Thompson was released. The polygraph, conducted by an expert with decades of experience, supported all of Jordyn’s statements on the matter. Jordyn has always maintained that Tristan gave her an uninvited kiss, a kiss that nonetheless ruined her life. Khloe had been preaching forgiveness just a couple of days earlier. And she appeared to flip the eff out over the new Jordyn video. “Liars are always ready to take oaths,” Khloe posted to her Instagram Stories. If you’re not familiar with Khloe’s posting style, she has a habit of posting not-so-vague vagueposts. Fans believe that she does this to share her views while giving herself plausible deniability if anyone feels offended. That way, if someone accuses her of calling them out, she can reply with an if-the-shoe-fits counter, like: “Why, are you a liar?” Khloe also appeared to admonish herself for embracing the concept of forgiveness so vocally just days earlier. “Stop being so f–king forgiving,” another of her advisory posts read. The text continued: “People know exactly what the f–k they’re doing.” Given the timing, many fans could not help but conclude that Khloe continues to view Jordyn as her enemy, without actual justification. And then, Khloe appeared to post some advice that she herself should have taken multiple times this year when it comes to Jordyn drama. “Never trust your tongue when your heart is bitter or broken,” the text began. The post continued: “Hush until you’re healed.” Khloe probably should have gone with that advice instead of a post about “liars,” you know? Especially when there’s no reason to disbelieve Jordyn. After Khloe threw all of that shade, it only makes sense for fans to connect the dots. Was Jordyn clapping back at the Kardashian who had already cost her some business opportunities as well as her best friend and her home? It seems pretty obvious. When anyone thinks of Jordyn’s haters, they think of Khloe and her hardcore fans. But Jordyn herself tells a different story. “I just got home from doing press and I realize, y’all arms must be really, really tired from reaching,” Jordyn says in a video that we have included. “Like, I can’t even eat an apple in peace,” she laments. Jordyn continues: “And let me tell you something, I don’t do subliminals.” “I do general statements and if I have something to say about someone or to someone, Imma say it to them or not at all,” she declares. “If y’all are tired of this, I’m exhausted,” Jordyn expresses. “Let’s move on,” she concludes. “It’s all love. It’s all good.” Clearly, she’s not eager to pick a fight with Khloe. It’s possible that she didn’t even see Khloe’s Stories before she made her “apple” post. It sounds like if Khloe can accept that Jordyn has been truthful this whole time, Jordyn would be ready to mend fences. But we won’t hold our breath.

  • Ronnie Trashes Jen Harley, Posts Revealing Text Messages
    by Hilton Hater on December 13, 2019 at 11:22 am

    It’s the feud that will never die. Despite the fact that a very little girl is caught in between. As you must know by now, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley have a daughter together… as well as a number of issues between the two of them. Within weeks of welcoming little Ariana into the world, Ronnie was slamming Jen as a cum dumpster (for real) and Harley was trashing Ronnie as a drug user and deadbeat dad. Since then, things have somehow only gotten uglier. Both halves of this former couple have been arrested for allegedly beating the other, with Jen very recently sharing new photos of what Ronnie supposedly did to her. In response, Ronnie has now shared revealing text messages, while also ranting against Harley’s mental stability and promiscuous nature. Yes, it’s gotten that vicious. Scroll down for an update… 1. Such. A. Mess. What’s there to even say at this point about Jen and Ronnie? Through multiple arrests and assault allegations, they actually stayed together through 2018 and most of 2019. 2. Because They Share a Daughter? Perhaps. Both stars claimed to love Ariana a whole lot, but they’ve put her squarely in the middle of their disgusting and sometimes dangerous feud. 3. Are They Together Now? No. They’ve been broken up ever since Ronnie got arrested in October for allegedly threatening Jen with a knife, stealing Ariana out of her arms and barracading him inside a home with the infant until police knocked down the door and tased Ronnie. 4. Where Do Things Stand at the Moment? In an awful place, that’s for certain. It’s unclear what spurred it on, but Ronnie just went nuclear on Jen, seemingly exposing a whole lot about her personal life. 5. Oh, God, What Did He Say? Consider yourselves warned. Things are about to get pretty Not Safe for Work… or children. 6. It Wasn’t Even a Threesome! “Is it legal to have sexual activities for money?!? The question is.. where’s [sic] was the son? Lmaooo,” Ronnie wrote as a very confusing caption to a text (from Jen?) that detailed a long-ago hookup with another woman. View Slideshow

  • Derick Dillard: I’m Coming Back to Counting On, Y’all!
    by Tyler Johnson on December 12, 2019 at 10:44 pm

    Way back in December of 2017, Derick Dillard was fired from Counting On after directing a transphobic Twitter rant at fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings. In a surprise move, Derick’s wife, Jill Duggar, decided to quit the show in a gesture of solidarity. On this week’s episode, however, fans were surprised to find that Jill made a cameo on the series — albeit a rather brief one. This development was especially surprising in the wake of Derick’s recent comments about the network that made his in-laws famous. So did all that trash talk pay off? Will Dillard be the next to return to television? Here’s what we know about the situation thus far: 1. The Comeback Kid? It’s been almost two years since Derick Dillard was fired from Counting On. And by most indications, viewers haven’t missed him much. 2. A Quiet Exit Viewership numbers have held steady in the weeks years since Derick’s dismissal, and there was no major outcry on social media. 3. The Real Victim In fact, it seems like the only person who was negatively affected by Derick’s exit from the show was Derick himself. These days, he’s paying the bills as a Grubhub delivery driver. 4. Trimming the Fat Actually, we suppose the entire Dillard clan was affected by TLC’s personnel decision. 5. Belt-Tightening Time After all, Jill made the short-sighted decision to quit the show in a misguided gesture of loyalty. As a result, her household quickly went from two incomes to zero. 6. Little Income Coming In These days, Derick is attending law school between his Grubhub shifts, so while their might be a nice salary in his future, it’ll be several years before he gets a hold of that particular carrot. View Slideshow

  • Kim Kardashian: Should I Be Less Vicious and Cruel to Kourtney?
    by Simon Delott on December 12, 2019 at 10:13 pm

    Remember how Kim Kardashian threatened to fire Kourtney, which is not something that she can do, from their family’s show? Well, Kris is stepping in. In this sneak peek clip, Kim finally admits that she can be vicious and cruel to the ones she loves, especially Kourt. Last Sunday on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney’s attempts to set personal boundaries set Kim into a rage spiral. “Everyone needs a f–king consequence,” Kim spitefully declared. “Let’s show her.” “If she doesn’t want to show up, if she doesn’t want to work and she has too many f–king boundaries, then she’s out,” she said menacingly. Kim directly threatened Kourt with firing, while Kourtney maintained that simple boundaries to maintain her well-being were not a bad thing. In this new sneak peek clip, the Kardashians are in Wyoming, where Kanye reportedly wants to live full time even though it’s no substitute for his meds. While traveling through the dreary and frankly creepy countryside, Kris has decided that she wants to play at family therapy. “I want each one of you to pick one person sitting here,” Kris tells her assembled family members. She continues: “And tell them what’s the one thing you’d love to focus on strengthening in your relationship.” The momager explains: “What we’re gonna do is build the communication.” “Khloe, is there somebody on the bus that you’d like to strengthen with?” It turns out that there is, in fact, someone with whom Khloe would like to strengthen. “I feel like Kourtney and I sometimes fizzle,” Khloe confesses after some consideration. “So, I think I would love to get us back on course and maybe not be so reactive,” Khloe says. She then quickly clarifies that she’s not calling out Kourtney as a bad sister or some sort of firecracker. Khloe says that she means less reactivity “For myself.” “The way you say things,” Kris briefly summarizes, before asking: “What about you, Kendall?” Kendall, who is drinking from a cup (which lets us playfully imagine that she’s drinking Pepsi), appears a little unprepared for the question. “I think sometimes, there’s a lot of, like, judgment between all of us,” Kendall expresses to the group. Everyone present chimes in with agreement. “And we think it’s fine because we’re family,” Kendall says. The hottest person in the group then singles out one family member in particular. “Kourt, you say it a lot,” Kendall accuses. “Like, ‘We can’t be so juudgmental.’ But you are, too.” Kendall explains: “Like, we all have to realize that we all are.” Since Kourtney was already brought up twice, Kim decides to throw her hat into the ring. “I want to fix, you know, my relationship probably with Kourtney,” Kim admits. She expresses that she would like to mend fences and make amends “for those mean reasons and those mean comments.” “I mean, I can be so mean,” Kim acknowledges to her family and to the cameras. “You guys go back and forth though,” Khloe points out. “It’s an equal.” Equal it may be, but one person making an effort to stop being cruel to someone whom she loves isn’t going to be a bad thing, right? And we have to imagine that Kourt is exhausted with having multiple adversarial relationships, especially with Kim. Remember, Kim has an intense drive to do things. At the end of the day, Kourtney would rather chill like a normal person. Feuds are exhausting.

  • Lamar Odom is Refusing to Have Sex with His Fiancee
    by Hilton Hater on December 12, 2019 at 9:01 pm

    Lamar Odom shot and scored 4,811 times throughout his NBA career. That’s an impressive number of field goals made for a professional baller, far more than the average player will ever hit. And yet here’s a number even more impressive figure for Odom: Zero. This represents the number of times Odom will shoot (if you catch our drift!) and score (if you know what we mean!) with fiancee Sabrina Parr before their wedding day. Indeed, the couple has decided to abstain from sexual intercourse until married. Why would two people in love possibly refrain from expressing said love in a physical manner? Because, Parr tells Hollywood Life, Odom has rediscovered religion after many years oof drug use and infidelity. “Once Lamar got saved, he developed a relationship with a pastor and there’s a lot of things he just wants to grow, areas he wants to grow in, and things he wants to improve on as a man,” Parr explains. She continues along this theme; “And as a man, the pastor suggested to him, it’s not Godly if Christians like to have sex before marriage. “And obviously he’s already had sex, so he couldn’t cut that out, but he said, ‘A great sacrifice to God would be to withhold from sex until you guys got married.’ “And so, I think he really respects the pastor’s opinion and his voice.'” It certainly is true that Odom has already had sex. He did so with other women behind the back of Khloe Kardashian back when the two were married. And, in an even more disturbing example of Odom’s porking past, he overdosed on drugs at a Las Vegas brothel in 2015 and nearly died. For real: Doctors said at the time that Odom had a 50% chance of dying during his lowest point after this awful incident. Fast forward four years, however, and Odom is now engaged to Parr. He proposed at Prime 112 Restaurant in Miami in November after just three months of dating. “Introducing my new fiancée!! Soon to be Mrs. Parr-Odom,” Odom captioned a post back then, confirming the surprising news and adding very simply and sweetly: “She the ONE!!!!! @getuptoparr.” Parr may be The One, but she says Lamar is the one who decided whether the two should bring each other to orgasm between the sheets prior to exchanging vows. “I allowed him to make a decision,” she tells Hollywood Life, explaining: “But I said, ‘Whatever decision you make, let me know.’ And he really made the decision to not have sex with me until we get married, which is kind of why he wants to rush the marriage. “But I’m just in no rush.” What do the personal trainer and the former Los Angeles Lakers power forward do together if they aren’t visting Pound Town on the reg? Or at all? She says they exercise as a couple and often go to the movies, always with their clothes on we presume. “We’re very busy with each other, we’re not just laid up cuddling,” Parr concludes. “So, there’s a lot of things that we do that doesn’t even create an environment for sex.” But once that environment changes? And their naked bodies are frequently intertwined in bouts of eroticism and passion? It’s gonna be awesome!

  • Jason Carrion: Married At First Sight Star Engaged 10 Months After Divorce!
    by Simon Delott on December 12, 2019 at 8:38 pm

    As anyone could guess about a show called Married At First Sight, someimes the couples get divorced. Some do this later than others. Less than a year after officially divorcing his expert-selected ex, MAFS star Jason Carrion is engaged. Jason Carrion is both a firefighter and a pro wrestler, arguably two of the most fetishized professions on the planet. Last year, he separated from his wife, Cortney Hendrix. Early this year, they filed for divorce. They had a long run for a Married At First Sight couple, all things considered. Now, Jason has some amazing news — he has become engaged. And here’s the lucky lady: Jason keeps his Instagram private for some reason, but he took to it to announce the good news. He is now engaged to the gorgeous actress, Roxanne Pallett. “I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind marrying me very much,” he reveals that he asked Roxanne. That is, if you didn’t recognize it yourself, a quote from the 1976 classic film, Rocky. Roxanne said yes, and he gushed about her using his own words rather than lines from a super old movie. “When I said you’re the love of my life I truly meant that,” Jason affirms. He raves: “You get me more then anyone ever has and ever will.” Some may choose to read that as shade at a certain ex, but we think that he’s just speaking from the heart. Jason also touches on a somber note — the passing of his dearly departed mother. “I know my mom is looking down on us smiling,” Jason writes. He explains that she would be smiling “because she knows that her son has someone I can truly call family.” Again, he’s probably just being sweet to Roxanne, not trying to throw anyone else under the bus. It’s a little surprising, given that Jason has technically only been divorced for about 10 months. He and Cortney Hendrix had years of marriage together — a full half of a decade before they separated. The two married in 2014, which was the very first season of Married At First Sight. The show’s core concept may have sounded like a parody skit, but some of the couples have outlasted even Jason and Cortney. Cortney released a statement of her own earlier this year when their divorce became public knowledge in March. “In Feb 2019 Jason and I filed for divorce,” she began. “After the court of Kings County New York acknowledged at least a 6 month separation.” “We asked for privacy this entire time bc we were trying to figure it all out,” Cortney explained. She even admitted: “At one point we thought we were going to divorce in order to date and start all over the right way.” “We have decided together to move on in different paths, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have love for each other,” Cortney affirmed. She wrote: “He will always have a special place in my heart and life.” To fans, Corntey affirmed: “We do love you all and appreciate the support that you have shown us from the beginning.” Upon learning about Jason’s engagement, Cortney tells E! News “Congratulations to the happy couple. I wish them continued happiness.” View Slideshow: 19 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces Ever: Where Does Jeff Bezos Rank?

  • Leah & Victoria Messer: We’re Both Banging Costa Rican Randos and The Haters Can Suck It!
    by Tyler Johnson on December 12, 2019 at 8:22 pm

    Well, it looks like the Messer sisters have found love in a tropical place. If you’ve been watching Teen Mom 2 this season, you know that Victoria Messer got pregnant during a recent vacation to Costa Rica. Her older sister was by her side (on the trip, not during the conception … we hope), and it seems Leah also made the acquaintance of a lusty local. Leah and her dude aren’t moving quit as quickly (there’s been no pregnancy announcement … yet), but they’re serious enough that he made an appearance on Tuesday’s Teen Mom 2 reunion show. Here’s what we know about the situation thus far: 1. The Debut Yes, Leah and Victoria Messer both have new men in their lives. And Leah introduced her latest boo to Teen Mom 2 viewers during this week’s reunion special! 2. They’re Coming to America The guys’ names are Royer and Adan, and it seems that at least one of them will soon be a United States resident. 3. One Shocker After Another Dr. Drew seemed surprised that Leah had a new man in her life. And he seemed even more surprised that she would be sponsoring Royer in his efforts to migrate to the US. 4. No Suspicions Pinksy suggested that Royer might have had ulterior motives in getting Victoria pregnant, but the Messer sisters were quick to shut that speculation down. 5. Are … We Still Talking About Relocating? “They had that conversation,” Leah said. “He was like, ‘Listen, I really don’t want to come there.” 6. The Response Despite this denial, fans were quick to criticize Victoria for what they viewed as an unforgivable level of irresponsibility. View Slideshow

  • Jenelle Evans Threatens the Public: I’m Never Going Away!
    by Hilton Hater on December 12, 2019 at 7:55 pm

    It might be time to have a serious talk with Jenelle Evans. Because, look, here’s the thing: We’re glad she has finally decided to walk away from David Eason and we feel badly that he’s allegedly threatened and abused her on so many occasions, as Jenelle has claimed in her recent restraining order filing. That absolutely sucks and Evans did not deserve to be treated that way. And yet, just because we believe this and just because Eason may be a worse person than Evans, well… … that doesn’t mean Jenelle is perfect. Or close to perfect. Or anywhere in the same vicinity to perfect; not just as a human being, but especially as a  mother to a trio of young kids who she has let down time and again. Our overall point is this: You can just go away now, Jenelle. We’re not clamoring for your redemption story and you don’t really deserve any sort of major platform with which you can make lots of money and/or garner new levels of fame. In fact, it’s likely best for your well-being and the well-being of those around you if take a nice, long breath and disappear, getting as far away as possible from the pressure and the strain of the spotlight. We’re not just giving this speech out of nowhere, either. We’re giving it because Evans just hinted very strongly on her Instagram Story that she really is returning to Teen Mom 2 — or to some other public setting. Rumors of Jenelle’s Teen Mom comeback have been percolating for weeks because, hey, drama sells, right? And while we can’t confirm whether this is truly in the works or not, Evans herself just made it clear that she isn’t going away any time soon. “My journey WILL continue to be shared. No matter what happens,” Evans wrote on her social media page this week. “Thanks for all your support everyone!” Again, it seems like Jenelle may be mistaking everyone despising Eason for thinking everyone loves and supports her. The reality star, of course, was fired this year by MTV after Child Protective Services took her kids away for about a month in the wake of Eason confessing that he killed his family’s dog. We still can’t believe that a true sentence we have to write oover and over. With Eason out of the romantic picture, one theory now goes, MTV would welcome Evans back, possibly even embracing the opportunity for a professional reconciliation. Either that, or Evans is just referring to her own YouTube channel or some other network/program when she cites her ongoing “journey” in the statement above. We can’t say for certain right now. On October 31, though, Evans wrote on Instagram that she was taking steps to divorce her violent husband. “With time away from Teen Mom, I’ve started to look at my life differently and I know I need to make changes. I’m starting that now,” she wrote, in part. “The kids and I have moved away from David. Nobody gets into a marriage expecting it to end but I know that’s what is best for me, and for my kids. “Today I’ve filed papers to start that process.” To be clear, however, no divorce papers have been filed just yet. View Slideshow: Jenelle Evans Owns David Eason In Court, Accidentally Confirms Relationship Rumors? “I appreciate the support from everybody who has asked how I am,” Evans concluded at the time, adding: “Me and the kids are doing great. We need some time to be together, but you’ll hear from us again soon.”

  • 13 Reality TV Hoaxes You Totally Fell For
    by Hilton Hater on November 2, 2015 at 1:48 pm

    Admit it: you’ve been had at some point in the past, haven’t you? You thought what you were watching on reality television was 100% real, only to later learn the devastating truth. We’ve all been there. And now we can all be here: relive the most shocking reality TV show hoaxes in history below… 1. Dance Moms We’ll just let Maddie Ziegler, arguably the show’s top performer, lay it right out for you, courtesy of an interview with USA Today: “The producers set it up to make us all yell at each other. You know how I said that moms do fight? The moms have a fake fight sometimes. Afterward they just start talking and laugh about it.” Host Abby Lee Miller really does suck, however. that’s not fake. 2. House Hunters Bobi Jensen blogged in 2012, on a site titled “Hooked on Houses,” that her experience on House Hunter was totally contrived. Turns out, the couple had selected its home prior to appearing on the show and producers even changed Jensen’s story over why she was moving. 3. Breaking Amish Can we change the title of this TLC series to “Having Already Broken Amish?” After the very first episode aired, it came out that most participants had already left their Amish family for the bright lights of the big city. 4. Storage Wars Dave Hester, a prominent presence on A&E’s Storage Wars, left production and sued the network over the phony aspects of the show. He said producers loaded units up with items to give each episode an artificial angle and that they even funneled money to teams to keep each episode’s bidding competitive. 5. Ghost Adventures Ghost Adventures star Aaron Goodwin was fired in 2014 after he stopped by the podcast Are We Alone and explained how the network staged reactions, sound effects and other aspects of the program. He said it was “sickening” that he was part of such a “fraud.” 6. The Hills Lauren Conrad, Brody Jenner and other cast members have come out and said pretty much everything you saw on this MTV reality show as scripted. Shocking, we know! View Slideshow

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