Everyone needs to unload their drama once in a while, so do the right thing, don’t make a big mistake and post it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform, come right here and post it anonymously to see how the NMD folks will react first.

One drama post, from all the pages you see on NMD, is chosen as the winner each month, so drill down, dig deep, give us what you got because, you might actually win something… instead of being obliterated by your family and friends on social media.



4 Comments on "POST YOUR DRAMA HERE!"

  1. My life is a drama, I’ll share sometime…

  2. I was arrested for shoplifting, then got rearrested for shoplifting the same item…was worth it.

    • Pfff, how about riding a shopping cart, with not enough weight in the front, so you go face first with the cart, in to the ground?!

  3. Sucker

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