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  • Guys… The Full-length ‘Threat Level Midnight’ Movie Is Now Online
    by Sloane Hughes on December 13, 2019 at 12:20 am

    MICHAEL SCARN IS HERE BABYYYYYYYYYYY Few shows have had the same level of impact and massive cult following as The Office. The series ended in 2013 but it’s still one of the most watched (and rewatched) and most talked about shows to this day. Honestly, it’ll probably outlive humankind. After the dust settles from the apocalypse, only three things will remain: cockroaches, Twinkies, and The Office. As I previously mentioned, it’s been almost seven years since the series finale, and it was not an easy goodbye. I have watched the final episode of The Office three times, the day it aired, once at the end of a week-long binge session, and once at the gym because one of the TV’s was stuck on a basic cable channel that pretty much only featured sitcom reruns. I cried every goddamn time. Including at the gym. It was a heart-wrenching episode, okay!! And it was just so hard to see it all end, which is why nobody will just let it go and move on. We’re all hoping that maybe, someday, somehow, there will be more, and we will feel love again. Folks, I have some good news. Today is that day. Before you get too excited — no, there isn’t a new season on its way or a reboot in the works, there might be a reunion movie in the future but I’m not willing to fully believe that yet, I’ve been hurt before. But the gift that has just been bestowed on us is, in my opinion, actually better than that. Guys… it’s Threat Level Midnight. The action-romance-drama cinematic experience of the century that Michael Gary Scott created over the span of 11 years is finally available in all its glory, and it’s FREE. We might as well not even have the Academy Awards Ceremony this year since we all know who’s gonna clean up, everybody can stay home, the Academy can just FedEx Michael all his awards.

  • How To Ruin Your Son’s Japanese Wedding
    by Funny Or Die on December 12, 2019 at 3:01 pm

    This vintage language series teaches us that the Japanese word ‘Kowai’ means different things to different people. Join Superholly for a life-changing lesson! Konnichiwa. That’s Japanese for “hello. Do not touch any of my sushi. It is mine, and only mine. But help yourself to as much “retasu” as you’d like.” I’m Miss Communication, and today’s lesson will demonstrate the perils of misusing a word when introducing your mother to your fiancée. “Lettuce” travel to Japan. CREDITS Director, Editor: Mitchell Bisschop Writer, Creator: Tamara Yajia Writer: Ben Rosen Producer: James Risolo Executive Producer: Darren Miller Executive Producer: Chris Michael Editor: Paul Smith Graphics: Bryan Wieder Writers Tamara Yajia Ben Rosen Teruko Nakajima Lead Cast Holly Tuggy Helene Frances Teruko Nakajima David Futernick Crew Director of Photography: Nolan Scott Production Designer: Elaine Carey Production Manager: Kaja Martin Costume Designer: Vanessa Gonzalez Casting Director: Riley Hamilton 1st Assistant Director: Kevin Moon B/Cam Operator: Austin Puckett 1st Assistant Camera: Ethan Brookins DIT: Jim Wills Gaffer: Daniel Martinez Key Grip: Arthur Reynolds Set Decorator: Samatha Villegas Set Dresser: Sarah Lew Set Dresser: Steven Smyka Set Dresser: Jonnie Prey Post Production Supervisor: Aaron Talavera Assistant Editor: Jeremiah Williams Assistant Editor: Collin Lapinsky Wardrobe Assistant: Angela Trivino Script Supervisor: Michelle Zagorsky Sound Mixer: Clark Weldon HMU Supervisor: Jessica Leigh Schwartz HMU Supervisor: Jessica Verdon HMU Supervisor: Mel Daniel HMU Assistant: Vanessa Moreno SVP, Physical Production: Jim Ziegler Manager, Physical Production: Carly Reeve Head of HR: Taylor Treadwell

  • Santa Is The Hero We All Need In The New Coheed And Cambria Music Video
    by Funny Or Die on December 12, 2019 at 6:45 am

    I gotta be honest, I kinda dig the camo outfit more than the red and white “What we’re doing is weird.” That’s how progressive metal band Coheed and Cambria has described their latest work, and honestly, that doesn’t do this video justice. The term “weird” is open to interpretation, but the only vibes Coheed and Cambria is giving off in this epic holiday satire ‘Toys’ is solidly, “weird, but like, in the best goddamn way imaginable.” We’re in the middle of 45’s impeachment, which is only the fourth impeachment process in the history of this country, so… I mean… that’s a lot to try and cope with during the holiday season, but Coheed and Cambria’s here to meld holiday bliss with democratic shit-shows. The video for ‘Toys’, titled ‘An Unheavenly Christmas Carol’, follows the story of a spoiled young boy as he writes letters to Santa each holiday season asking to become president. After receiving what seems like hundreds of letters over the years, someone from the North Pole finally caves and grants him his wish, and from that very moment a terrible orange light is cast across mankind. Once Santa realizes what has happened, he must fix what has been done and take this orange menace down.

  • ‘Santa’s Lazy Gnome’ Is Here To Keep Your Kids In Check With Zero Effort
    by Sloane Hughes on December 12, 2019 at 12:19 am

    Finally, a North Pole helper that doesn’t require parents to lift a finger There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into making Christmas magical, and when you’re a kid you definitely don’t appreciate or even think about it. Children go to sleep on December 24th and wake up to goodies that mysteriously appeared in their living rooms. Parents, on the other hand, not only have to sacrifice their precious downtime and money in order to acquire gifts, they also have to go to insane lengths to keep them hidden and then wrap them in the dead of night, half-eat both the cookies and carrots that their kids left out (the most diametrically opposite foods to doublefist), probably pen a handwritten response to a note that was left for Santa, and do all of this for YEARS. Is that not enough to keep the illusion of Santa Claus alive and well?! Do these poor parents not do enough work?! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?! Elf on the Shelf Fuck this guy Apparently not, because along came the infamous Elf on the shelf, that son of a bitch. For those who are unfamiliar with Elf on the shelf (I was, because my parents never did this, because they don’t hate themselves) it’s a lanky limbed toy with just the most smug fucking smile on its dumb face, and the idea is he hangs out in your house and flies back to the North Pole every night to tell Santa if the kids are being good or bad, and then *magically* re-appears in your house in a new spot each morning. Yeah, parents are supposed to put this little shit in a fun new scene before their kids wake up, every goddamn morning, and some of the suggestions are, “He’s baking a cake so spread flour all over your counter and sit him in it,” so they’re also expected to trash their own house while they’re at it. NUH UH. This has gone TOO FAR. Parents don’t even get the credit for the gifts “Santa” brings, they deserve a BREAK — which apparently a lot of people agree on, because now there’s a perfect low-maintenance snitch for Santa who will keep your kids in check without putting you through a gauntlet all December long. He is called Santa’s Lazy Gnome, and I love him. LAZYGNOMES He serves the same purpose as Elf on a shelf, he is a North Pole plant tasked with sending Naughty Or Nice intel back to HQ, except unlike Elf, he doesn’t move a goddamn muscle, because according to the website they know exactly what you’re up to, “even when you’re out of sight.” BOOM. ELF ON THE SHELF, RETIRE, BITCH. Parents, sweet, tireless angels, Santa’s Lazy Gnome is $28.99. Please, sleep in a day or two this December.

  • This Couple Takes Awkward Christmas Photos Ever Year And I Am HOWLING
    by Sloane Hughes on December 11, 2019 at 10:30 pm

    They’re just so… so beautiful People celebrate the holidays in all sorts of different ways, and that’s what makes this time of year so wonderful. For some, making merry means gathering with loved ones to sing carols, for others it’s reading certain stories or watching particular movies, for me it’s giving in to peer pressure and doing sambuca shots with my family at 8am on Christmas morning so my dad will stop heckling me. All festivities are special in their own way! Some folks really take things to the next level, though, like those insanely committed people who cover their homes with enough lights and decorations to flag down an aircraft, or this couple, who really put the “oh Jesus Christ” in “Christmas”. Most families who celebrate Christmas commemorate the occasion with photos, and Mike and Laura Bergeron are no different. The photos they take, however, are a lot different. Since 2004, Mike and Laura have made it their mission to take the ultimate Christmas photos, whether they’re based on characters or just good ol’ fashion cringey. And, look, I know the holidays aren’t a competition, there are no winners, but at the same time… Mike and Laura have absolutely won. Feast your eyes. Mike Bergeron Mike Bergeron Mike Bergeron Mike Bergeron Mike Bergeron Mike Bergeron Mike Bergeron *Ahem* you can also check out Funny Or Die’s holiday apparel right here

  • How I Bribed Allison With Fruit Salad
    by Funny Or Die on December 11, 2019 at 9:01 pm

    Because making amends with people who have wronged you is what the holidays are all about. Right, Santa? Let me tell you about Allison Weebly. We were cubicle mates for years and years. Being cube mates means that you get pretty close. We talked about everything from love interests to reality TV and our secrets. That was until one winter when Allison decided to have a holiday party. It was legendary. It was the type of event that people talked about until April, you know? Allison invited everyone at work except me. Can you believe that? I was so hurt that I stopped talking to her. Our cube was just stone-cold silence. When I brought my famous fruit salad to work, Allison would watch me eat it from afar and drool all over her keyboard. It felt good to make her jealous of my fruit. When the holiday party rolled around this year, I told Allison that if she invited me, I would bring my fruit salad. Well, that’s all I needed to say! Not only did she invite me, but she let me skip the line for Santa’s lap. Here’s hoping this recipe does you as much good as it did for me. I hope it helps you call a truce with an enemy.

  • How A Digital Detox Can Drive You Crazy
    by Funny Or Die on December 11, 2019 at 3:02 pm

    In Take It Outside, four friends get back to nature and try to thrive in the great outdoors — without killing each other. Ye Olde Woodsmen struggle with the night. Perhaps it’s the hardened ground…or perhaps MURDER is afoot. Huzzah! SERIES CREDITS Director, Writer: Neil Garguilo Producer: James Risolo Executive Producer: Darren Miller Executive Producer: Chris Michael Executive Producer: David Saint Lead Cast Chad LeBaron Max Weisz Dean Sharpe Tommy Bechtold Supporting Cast Rebecca Edwards Theresa Gumprecht Ryan Stanger Meridith McNeill Marylynn Sienna Crew Director of Photography: Sean Conte Production Designer: Elaine Carey Editor: Jeffrey McMahon Associate Producer: Patrick Stone Costume Designer: Emily Ting Casting Director: Riley Hamilton 1st Assistant Director: Bryan Lake 2nd Assistant Director: Richard Lee Dalton Production Coordinator: Ronnie Dezsi Production Assistant: Charlie Thomas Production Assistant: Andrew Johnson Production Assistant: Carlynn De Joya Production Assistant: Sean McOmber B/Cam Operator: Austin Puckett 1st Assistant Camera: Andy Huynh 1st Assistant Camera: Aaron Kohn 2nd Assistant Camera: Kate Ruthenbeck DIT: Max Parada Camera PA: Nolan Anderson Camera PA: Steven Miller Gaffer: Anthony Stivale Best Boy: Callum Barrass Key Grip: Philip Collins Grip: Nick Herman BB Grip: Sean McQueen Electrician: Zack Perez Set Decorator/Propmaker: Shannon Pollak Set Dresser: Sarah Lew Set Dresser: Theo Cohn Set Dresser: Brendan Sheley Set Dresser: Nick “Spooky” Logie Set Dresser: Zach Miller Props: Samantha Villegas Post Production Supervisor: Aaron Talavera Assistant Editor: Jeremiah Williams Assistant Editor: Collin Lapinsky Wardrobe Assistant: Sam Muglia Script Supervisor: Michael Hadge Sound Mixer: Ryan Agostino Boom Operator: Michael Alynick HMU Supervisor: Michelle Diaz HMU Assistant: Hajja Barnes Park Monitor: John Urback SVP, Physical Production: Jim Ziegler Manager, Physical Production: Carly Reeve Head of HR: Taylor Treadwell

  • ‘Grace And Frankie’ Season 6 Is Coming To Netflix This January
    by Sloane Hughes on December 10, 2019 at 10:20 pm

    IMDb HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL In 2015, Grace and Frankie first arrived on Netflix. The unconventional sitcom centers around two women who are diametrically opposite but are brought together by the fact that both their worlds were flipped upside down when their husbands announce that they’ve fallen in love with each other. Grace and Frankie has been breaking down stereotypes and fighting ageism for six seasons, with the incredible and legendary women Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin at the helm. Back in September it was announced that we are getting a seventh (and final) season, and through a Facebook post from the official Grace and Frankie page today, we have just learned that season six is arriving on Netflix on January 15th. Rise up. Seat down. Season 6 coming January 15.Posted by Grace and Frankie on Tuesday, December 10, 2019 YAAAAAAAAAAS. I know Christmas hasn’t even come yet but I am honestly ready to skip right ahead into the new year. I sped through all of season five in probably a week because I have no self control and I NEED me some more of the badass, whimsical, entrepreneurial, unstoppable forces that are Grace Hanson and Frankie Bergstein, and all-new hilarious, ultra quotable moments like these. (PS. If you aren’t on the Grace and Frankie bandwagon yet, what are you DOING??? It’s such an amazing show that SNL even wrote a rap song about it.)

  • Here’s Hoping Coffeeshops Never Get Security Guards
    by Funny Or Die on December 10, 2019 at 6:01 pm

    I’m seriously already on edge without that Sumatran pour over — I don’t need security on top of it Coffee shops should be chill places Where you can relax. Let your guard down a bit. Let that creative energy flow or, if you’re on a cliché first date, let those tried and true stories from your time saving baby seals just flow. Coffee shops should NOT be places where Big Brother hangs out, where we feel the watchful eye of Authority scrutinizing our every move. WITH ONE EXCEPTION. If there was a coffee shop that ever hired Travis (Jean Robert “Splack” Toussaint) from Black Coffee Cafe, I could definitely get on board with that. This guy has style. He as moves. And he was the complete lack of experience that’s exactly what we look for when it comes to hiring staff dedicated to public safety. Travis’s attempts to run security at Black Coffee, and to impress his friend — the coffee shop co-owner who carries his juices — Beachum (Joshua Triplett) all backfire spectacularly. Whether he’s insulting guests, trapping them in the shop, or running an unlicensed club, Travis gives the rest of the staff — Anthony (Reggie Couz), Malcolm (Iman Crosson), Crystal (Jennah Brittany), and Black (Zack Kozlow) — one giant headache, all for a simple tip jar. In Black Coffee, the staff of a Black-owned coffee shop in D.C. try to turn their fledgling little coffeehouse into a hot bean water powerhouse — if they could just get on the same page about how to do that. Can these newbie entrepreneurs grow up fast enough to keep pace with their dreams. SERIES CREDITS Directed ByWes Armstrong Written ByBoomer MobleyKevin KimmelGeorge KhouriJoshua TriplettDwayne Colbert Executive ProducerBoomer MobleyKevin KimmelGeorge KhouriJoshua Triplett Executive Producer Chris Michael Executive Producer David Saint Based on the original pilot “Black Coffee” by George Khouri Main CastReggie Couz (@reggiecouz) as AnthonyJean Robert (@jeanrobert) as TravisIman Crosson (@alphacat) as MalcolmJennah Brittany (@missjaydmv) as CrystalJoshua Triplett (@jtripnation) as Beachum Supporting CastZack Kozlow as MichaelAriana Sanchez as Latina SabrinaMarlon Webb as Lettuce Wrap LarryDean Will as BouncerBoomer Mobley as Hot Guy in Student FilmKevin Kimmel as Hot Guy Director Chris Pratt as Hot Sound Guy in Student Film Principle PhotographyDirector of Photography – Miko Dannels 1st AD – Miko Dannels2nd AD – Malik McCrea1st AC – Tom Funk2nd AC – Kevin PontrelliGaffer – Joel StoutKey Grip – Matt FellyBBE – Ben BowenBBG – Chaz MooreSound Mixer – Jake VoelzkeProduction Assistant 1 – Tyson PrinceProduction Assistant 2 – Cece GardnerHair & Makeup – Qiana ChaseWardrobe – Marquita LopezBarber – Don JohnsonSet Photography – Jeremy David Production ManagerKaja Martin Casting byJoshua Triplett Post Production Editor – Boomer Mobley Editor – Joshua TriplettColor Grade – Miko DannelsSound Design – Jake VoelzkeSound Mix – George KhouriOriginal Music Composer – Johnny Thomas Jr.

  • Under A Rock with Tig Notaro: Debby Ryan
    by Tig Notaro on December 10, 2019 at 2:04 pm

    Tig Notaro doesn’t know who Debby Ryan is, but her drive to figure it out is insatiable. Although she’s a famous comedian herself, Tig Notaro has a very special and unique ability: she doesn’t recognize celebrities. Whether they’re a professional athlete, a famous sportscaster, or an award-winning actor, for Tig… well… it’s just not ringing a bell. Although she’s only 26, Debby Ryan’s impressive career already spans almost two decades. Unbelievably, she was already acting in professional theatres at age seven, and like so many of the world’s most iconic stars before her, she was brought into the worlds of television, film, and music after being discovered in a nationwide Disney talent search. From there, at the age of 15 in 2008 Debby was given a recurring role in the Disney Channel original series The Suite Life On Deck, and two feature films in 2010 — What If… which premiered in theaters, and 16 Wishes, which was the highest watched cable program the day it premiered. From there, she starred in her own Disney Channel series, Jessie, from which her titular character was featured in a number of crossovers in other shows, the Netflix original series Insatiable, and the YouTube Red series Sing It!, as well as appearing in several other dramas like Private Practice, and comedies like Girl Meets World. Aside from film and television, she and her brother formed their own record label, Ryan River Studio, from which she released a number of singles, and Debby later formed the band The Never Ending. Her career with Disney also extended into charity work, having been involved in Disney’s Friends For Change, an initiative with the goal of environmental conservation through raising awareness and pledging funds to various environmental charities, and in 2012 Debby travelled to India to take part in Disney’s work with Free The Children. Since she was a child Debby Ryan has been all over televisions and theaters across the country and the world, as well as rocking out on stage and being hands-on in international philanthropic work. But apparently that’s not enough to get on Tig Notaro’s radar, and if she’s ever going to piece together who Debby Ryan is it’s going to take more than a few hints and help from Alexa, because Tig Notaro really does live under a rock. CREDITS Starring: Tig Notaro & Debby Ryan Executive Producer: Tig NotaroExecutive Producer: Stephanie AllynneExecutive Producer: Thomas OuelletteExecutive Producer: Hunter SeidmanExecutive Producer: Rowan WheelerExecutive Producer: Mike FarahExecutive Producer: Brian ToombsExecutive Producer: Chris BrussSupervising Producer: Keishla Rivera-EstradaLine Producer: Charles ForsgrenDirector: Riki Lindhome Head Writer: Thomas OuelletteWriter: Alana JohnsonWriter: Mike PhirmanStage Manager: Mazzin ChaudhariProduction Coordinator: Maxwell HamiltonProduction Coordinator: Savvas YiannoulouDirector of Photography: Geoff GeorgeB Camera Operator: Cale NicholsC Camera Operator: Joe GunawanD Camera Operator: Keith Jeffries1st AC: Sam Kim2nd AC: Kelsey JuddoGaffer: James KingKey Grip: Justin DoescherProduction Designer: Ellie del CampoSet Decorator: Samantha CoronaSet Dresser: Ionut PopescuTig Notaro’s Make-Up/Hair: Thomas KolarekDebby Ryan’s Make-Up: HinakoDebby Ryan’s Hair: Aaron LightDebby Ryan’s Stylist: Chris HoranCostume Designer: Ambika SanjanaSound Mixer: Alex Dawson Post Producer: Phillip LoebPost Producer: Kia ReghabiEditor: Ryan Coopersmith and Charles MurzardGraphics: Aaron Andersen, Paul Smith, Bryan Wieder, Isaac Sanchez, and Andrew JewellColor: Kia ReghabiSound Mixer: Derek Vanderhorst & Taylor Flinn

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